Made in America!

MADE IN AMERICA. We heard someone complaining that you can't buy products that are made in the USA anymore. We took a tour through our warehouse and started looking at boxes. We were pleased to see that we offer quite a few products that are made right here in the USA!

Why should you care where it's made? 

For two reasons:

1) It helps our economy! Buying products that are made in this country helps keep our friends and neighbors employed and contributing to our local economy and tax base.

2) It's better for the environment! That's right, buying domestically produced products is a GREEN practice. Why? Consider that much of the stuff that we buy from China comes over on huge container ships. Think of the fuel consumed in shipment! Now consider that those huge container ships return to China mostly empty. What a waste!

Black Monster Recycled Trash Bags

Product ID: sku17629

NEW BLACK MONSTER TM Black Recycled Trash Bags 65% POST CONSUMER...
Black Recycled Can Liner

Product ID: brcl

Our black recycled trash can liners are made in the United States, unlike the vast majority...
Center Pull Towels White

Product ID: 9-660-21

Center Pull Paper Towels-White 100% Recycled Contains 20% Post Consumer...
GOJO Clear and Mild Green Certified Hand Soap for LTX 12 Dispenser

Product ID: gojo_clear_and_mild_green_certified_hand_soap_for_ltx_12_dispens

Gojo FMX 12 Green Certified Hand Soap 4Pk.

Product ID: 5165-04

Green Certified Foam Hand Cleaner Refill Specially designed foaming formula,...
GOJO GreenCertified Botanical Foaming Hand Soap

Product ID: gojo_greencertified_botanical_foaming_hand_soap

Hardwound Towels Natural

Product ID: nrt800a1

 Hardwound Paper Towel 100% Recycled Fiber 40% Post Consumer Waste...
Hardwound Towels White

Product ID: wrt800a

100% Recycled with 40% Post Consumer Waste White (Chlorine Free) 800ft 6...
Household Style, Single Roll Bath Tissue

Product ID: 598901

Household Style, Single Roll Toilet Tissue. Made from 100% recycled fiber and EcoLogo and...
Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper

Product ID: 3760161

Victoria Bay Jr. Jumbo 1000ft, 2ply, 12 Jumbo Rolls Per Case. Recycled Fiber....
Monk Disinfecting Wipes

Product ID: monk_disinfecting_wipes

Monk EPA Certified Disinfectant Wipes
Multifold Paper White

Product ID: 485001

EcoSoft White Multifold Hand Towels Made From 100% Recycled Fiber 4000...
Multifold Towels Natural

Product ID: copy-485001-133

EcoSoft White Multifold Hand Towels Made From 100% Recycled Fiber 4000...
Sani Hands Professional Wipes

Product ID: sku17675

Sani Hands Professional Wipes Contains 65.9% SD alcohol, kills 99.99% of...
Tork HB1995A Universal Perforated Towel Roll

Product ID: TorkHB1995AUniversalPerforatedTowelRoll

Tork 100% Recycled Kitchen Style Paper Towels