Green Practices

At Skyway Supply, and at our sister company CARRCO Imaging Products, we have taken numerous steps to reduce the impact of our operations:

  • We recycle approximately 24 cubic yards (4 big dumpsters) of corrugated cardboard each month. 
  • We recycle our office paper with the help of a local nonprofit organization called the Louise Graham Regeneration Center. The Louise Graham Regeneration Center employs developmentally disabled adults to operate a large scale secure document shredding operation. The shredded paper is sold to paper companies for recycling.
  • We donate all our aluminum cans to the Louise Graham Center for recycling.
  • We stopped buying bottled water for our employees. Instead, we use a water filtration system supplied by La Pure Water Filters. It provides us with great tasting water and we don’t have all those plastic water bottles piling up. We also save a ton of money using this system.
  • We use our recycled janitorial paper products throughout our offices.
  • We use our nontoxic cleaning products.
  • We use our recycled garbage bags.
  • We use recycled toner cartridges in our printers that are manufactured on site by our sister company CARRCO Imaging Products

Could we do more? Absolutely! And that’s the point. Taking a small step or two to reduce your environmental impact leads to an increased awareness of the possibilities that exist to take even bigger steps. We hope that you’ll try some of our products and see how easy it is to GO GREEN.