Why do I want to “green” my cleaning?

To reduce the health and environmental impacts from the products and practices of your cleaning process.

What is wrong with the cleaning chemicals I am currently using? 

Traditional cleaning products are often laden with toxins, petroleum distillates and even known carcinogens.

Does it cost more to use your Greening the Cleaning chemicals?

Absolutely not. Most users find they are able to use our non toxic solutions without spending any extra money. Many times our customers find they actually save money by “going green.”

Why do I want to use a recycled garbage bag?

I am just going to throw it away. Using recycled trash bags reduces the amount of plastic that is put into the waste stream. It also requires much less petroleum products to make a recycled bag than one from virgin materials.

What makes your green bags green?

They are recycled from fertilizer bags, which contain a lot of green ink. In addition, these bags are stronger and more puncture resistant than traditional black bags.

Why should I use degradable trash bags?

Two reasons:

  1. Using degradable bags reduces the amount of plastic in the waste stream
  2. Degradable bags allow the organic material in your garbage to degrade. Your biodegradable garbage won’t be “entombed” in a plastic coffin.

What’s so special about microfiber?

Microfiber is much more absorbent and captures and retains much more soil than regular cotton cloths and mops. This means that they do a better job than cotton in less time.

How does microfiber work? 

Each microfiber filament is split 8 ways. This gives a microfiber cloth 8 times the surface area of a regular cotton cloth and mop. The microfiber filaments are much better at trapping and retaining dirt.

Why is microfiber considered “green?” 

Using microfiber results in huge savings of water and chemicals. In fact, our glass cleaning cloths require no chemicals at all!

Is microfiber more expensive than regular cotton?

Not when you consider that microfiber products last 10 times as long as cotton. You’ll also see offsetting savings in water, chemical and labor costs.

Why should I use microfiber for dusting?

Using a feather duster or any other traditional dusting tool doesn’t remove dust. It just launches it into the air to settle somewhere else. Microfiber traps the dust and removes it, resulting in a much cleaner, more sanitary environment.

Are there any other advantages to using microfiber? 

You’ll see a significant savings in labor costs, particularly when it comes to mopping. You won’t be paying cleaning staff to stand around filling mop buckets. You’ll also see better results because you are never mopping with dirty water. In addition, microfiber equipment is lighter which means your cleaning staff will work faster with less chance of injury.

How do I clean my microfiber products? 

Just wash them in an ordinary clothes washer using regular laundry detergent. Do not wash them with cottons because the lint will clog your microfibers. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. The spin cycle will remove 95% of the water, so they will air dry quickly. You can put them in the dryer on a low setting.